Steamed Corn Bread

  • Difficulty


  • Serves


  • Preparation time


  • Total time

    1h 25min

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  • Corn flour
  • Medium gluten flour
  • Water
  • Dried yeast
  • Powdered sugar
  • Salt
  • Corn oil


  • step 1

    Put 250g water, 10g powdered sugar, 5g dried yeast, and 10g corn oil into the mixing bowl

  • step 2

    Put on the measuring cup, heat the ingredients at 1min/37°C/REV2

  • step 3

    Add 200g corn flour and 300g medium gluten flour

  • step 4

    Put on the measuring cup, and mix the ingredients at 30sec/REV4

  • step 5

    Operate the KNEAD mode for 2min for kneading the flour into dough, take out the dough and cover it with plastic wrap, ferment it for 20min, and clean the mixing bowl

  • step 6

    Cut the dough strip into small dough parts weighing about 35g each Knead each of the small dough parts into a dough sphere, press a pit on the dough sphere with a thumb to form a bowl-shaped dough, and put tinfoil balls under these dough bowls for support

  • step 7

    Spread streaming cloth in the steamer, place the bowl-shaped dough onto the streaming cloth, ferment the dough at a warmer place for about 20min

  • step 8

    Pour 500g water into the mixing bowl

  • step 9

    Put on the measuring cup, and boil the water at 5min/120℃/REV1

  • step 10

    Put on the steamer set and steam the bowl-shaped dough at 18min/120℃/REV1

  • step 11

    Keep the Steamed Corn Bread in the steamer for another 2min and them take it out before enjoyment

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