Peach Blossom Shortcake

  • Difficulty


  • Serves


  • Preparation time


  • Total time

    1h 28min

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  • Oily dough wrapper
  • Medium gluten flour
  • Lard oil
  • Dragon fruit juice
  • Powdered sugar
  • Pastry
  • Low gluten flour
  • Lard oil
  • Stuffing
  • Red Bean Paste
  • Decoration
  • Black sesame
    An appropriate amount
  • Egg yolk


  • step 1

    Make oily dough wrapper: Put 160g medium gluten flour, 60g lard oil, 75g dragon fruit juice and 15g powered sugar into the mixing bowl

  • step 2

    Operate the KNEAD mode for 3min for kneading the flour into dough, take out the dough and cover it with plastic wrap, and relax it for 10min

  • step 3

    Make pastry: Put 110g low gluten flour and 55g lard oil in a bowl, put on gloves on a hand, and fully mix them to form a pastry with the hand with gloves

  • step 4

    Cut the dough into equal dough parts weighing 10g each, and cover them with plastic wrap

  • step 5

    Divide the relaxed dough into 16 equal dough parts, knead each of them into a dough sphere, and cover each with plastic wrap

  • step 6

    Take 400g red bean paste and divide it into 16 red bean balls weighing 25g each

  • step 7

    Take an oily dough wrapper, press it with the smooth surface downward, wrap a stuffing part with it, and close the opening of the wrapper with the jaw between the thumb and the index finger, and rub it into a sphere

  • step 8

    Cover the dough spheres with plastic wrap and relax them for 10min

  • step 9

    Take a relaxed dough part, pressurize it with a hand slightly with the closure upwards, and roll it into an oval shape with a rolling pin

  • step 10

    Roll up the dough oval upside down, arrange the dough rolls in turn, cover them with plastic wrap and relax them for 10min

  • step 11

    Press the first dough with the closure upwards, roll it into a strip shape with a rolling pin Roll up the dough strip into a cylinder, arrange the dough rolls in turn, cover them with plastic wrap and relax them for 10min

  • step 12

    Take a relaxed dough part, and press both ends towards the middle with fingers slightly with the closure upwards

  • step 13

    Spread plastic wrap on the table, and roll the dough with a rolling pin on it

  • step 14

    Wrap the red bean paste with the dough and pinch the closure, and press it slightly

  • step 15

    With the closure downwards, cover the dough with plastic wrap, and roll the dough into a pancake 1cm thick

  • step 16

    Shape the pancake with the rolling pin at the middle

  • step 17

    Divide it into five petals

  • step 18

    Cut three lines on each petal

  • step 19

    Knead the dough into a petal shape as instructed in the video, and preheat oven to 160℃

  • step 20

    Drizzle egg yolk and paste some black and white sesame seeds in the middle as decoration

  • step 21

    Place the shortcake dough into the oven preheated to 160°C and bake them on the middle and lower layers in the oven for about 25min

  • step 22

    Ready for enjoyment

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