Sweet Green Rice Ball with Red Bean Paste

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  • Sticky rice flour
  • Wheat starch
  • Boiling water
  • Butter
  • White sugar
  • Green wheat seeding juice
  • Red bean paste
  • Corn oil
    An appropriate amount


  • step 1

    Rub 30g red bean paste into a red bean paste ball and refrigerate it in a refrigerator Put 60g wheat starch into a bowl, pure 100g boiling water into it, and knead it into dough after it is cool

  • step 2

    Put 200g sticky rice flour, 20g butter, 20g white sugar and 170g green wheat seeding juice into the mixing bowl

  • step 3

    Put on the measuring cup, operate the KNEAD mode for 2min for kneading the flour into dough

  • step 4

    Tear the prepared wheat starch into small parts and put them into the mixing bowl

  • step 5

    Put on the measuring cup, and mix the ingredients at 2min/REV4

  • step 6

    Take out the dough, and divide it into small dough part weighing 40g each

  • step 7

    Wrap the red bean paste as instructed in the video, stick oil paper under the bottom of each dough ball, and put the dough balls in the steamer

  • step 8

    Pour 500g water into the mixing bowl

  • step 9

    Put on the measuring cup, and boil the water at 5min/120℃/REV1

  • step 10

    Put on the steamer set and steam the Sweet Green Rice Balls with Red Bean Paste at 15min/110℃/REV1

  • step 11

    Spread an appropriate amount of corn oil on each sweet green rice ball for enjoyment

  • step 12

    Ready for enjoyment

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